Maier Butane Powered Model Engines Purchased from The Great Toy Steam Company LLC

The two cylinder gas motor CLASSIC V2 has a distinct motion. Because of the large and heavy flywheel this motor also has a low RPM. The two cylinders mutually balance each other for a smooth operating engine. It is ealily started by turning the flywheel. The motor produces the typical exhaust sound of V operated – motors. The movement and flow of the two cylinder is emphasized through the open design. The contrary parts, like the cross heads and valve poles form an interesting mechanical motion. Through the use of Propane or butane (lighter gas) as a fuel, only non toxic fumes are released and therefore this is an ideal “room motor”. The open construction of the motor allows one insight on the mechanical workings. A comfortable sound is established through two long exhaust pipes. This model motor is made of aluminum, brass and stainless steel. The engine runs on a 70% Butane 30% Propane mixture that can easily be purchased at a camping outdoors shop. This mixture allows the engine to run in the house with a window open. The spark plug is actuated by a piezo igniter.
Technical data:
RPM 200 – 1500 RPM, running time ca 10 min, height: 240mm, width: 150mm, length: 180mm, weight 2.5 kg, flywheel diameter ca 123 mm, ignition: Piezo-crystal – high volt