HOW TO TIE A TIE || Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial


This video is full of ideas for men! Most men don’t know how to tie a tie but if you are preparing for an important interview or a special event, you need to watch this video. Wearing ties have a lot of benefits? For example, it’s a signal of capability and makes you look smarter and very professional. Wear tie while making a presentation, you will be able to impress people listening to you. Besides, ties draw attention to your face and people will focus on your expressions. And finally, tie make you look handsome and girls love guys wearing ties. There are a lot of ways to tie a tie. Follow our easy instructions and create perfect knots.
Speaking about the ways to tie your tie, there are top ten different styles you’re gonna discover Van Wijk, Four-in-hand, Trinity, half-Windsor, Eldredge, Murrell, Prince Albert, Truelove, Pratt, Merovingian. Let’s start from a Trinity knot. This beautiful knot has a very eye-catching effect. This knot is a perfect choice if you are preparing for a party and want to look very stylish. If this kind of knot is too difficult, we share and easy way to tie a tie – four in hand knot. It’s the best knot for beginners and one of the oldest types. Follow this step by step tutorial!

00:52 Van Wijk
01:13 Four-in-hand
01:31 Trinity knot
02:14 Eldredge

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