28 CLEVER HACKS FOR MAKEUP || Easy Beauty Hacks And Tutorials


Beauty routine usually takes a lot of time and money, but we are ready to help you and make your life easier. You will learn what to do if you have bought the wrong foundation tone. If you have chosen a foundation of incorrect tone, you can change the tone using a few drops of melted lipstick. We know an awesome trick on how to contour your brows in two movements using a toothpick and eyebrow pencil. If you want to create an incredible print on your lips but don’t want to spend a lot of time, use old stockings. Check out a crazy way how to replace eyeshadows. If you need to hide pimples and foundation doesn’t help, we know how to solve this problem. Add some powder to the foundation and properly stir. This mixture will perfectly hide pimples. The next beauty trick looks weird but works perfectly. You can replace a highlighter with baby powder and a makeup sponge with a kitchen brush to contour your face.
We know a cheap and easy recipe of a body glow that you can make at home in one minute. Body glow moisturizes your skin and gives a glowing effect that looks stunning in summer. Mix golden eyeshadows with baby oil.
We share cool secrets from makeup artists for the best skin care that will make your skin look flawless. You should always apply face cream before foundation as it moisturizes your skin and protects pores from pollution. One more important tip is how to apply foundation to achieve the high-level finish. We tried to apply finger, sponge and a makeup brush and the best way to apply foundation is to use a makeup sponge. Moreover, we checked how much oil different kinds of foundation contains. Foundation for dry skin contains the largest amount of oil.

00:16 Foundation secrets
00:58 How to create perfect eyebrow contour
01:33 Crazy use of stockings
05:00 Temporarily tattoo
08:39 DIY Body Glow

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