22 COCA COLA HACKS THAT WILL SHOCK YOU || Coca Cola Recipes, Tricks And Food Secrets


Hey, guys! This time we prepared a cool collection with incredible uses of Coke you haven’t seen before! You will be surprised how multifunctional our favorite soda could be! Place hydrogel into a bottle of coke and use it as a vase for flowers. Besides, this case looks so cool! If you need to remove bubble gum from sneaker’s sole, Coke will easily cope with this problem. Resistant stains are a huge problem especially if it’s your favorite t-shirt or dress. But we know what to do! Again use Coke to solve this problem. Pour Coke on a resistant stain and leave for 10 minutes. After that wash as usual with detergent.
The next idea is really cool! You can cook quick cupcakes with Coke! Follow this easy recipe: in a bowl, mix flour, baking powder, cocoa powder, sugar, butter, eggs, and Coke. Bake and enjoy! You can make caramelized bacon at home: place bacon in a baking tray and cover with Coke. Fry bacon and enjoy!
You will be surprised but you can make a lip gloss with Coke flavor: mix Vaseline, melted coconut oil and coke. Microwave and pour into empty lipstick container.
I bet you didn’t know that you can clean your bathroom using Coke! Coke is perfect to clean ceramic tile.
You can even create a beautiful blossom artwork using a recycled soda bottle. Take a sheet of paper, use dark paint and draw a tree with branches. Once the tree is ready, let it dry before continuing with the stamping. Pour some paint on a paper plate and dip the plastic bottle. This is really fun, add as many blossoms as you want. Have fun!

01:02 How to get rid of stains
01:14 Coke cupcakes
01:57 Coke flavored lip gloss
02:49 Caramelized bacon recipe

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